Sunroof Identification

Factory vs. Aftermarket


Identifying factory over an aftermarket is fairly simple. Our specialist will typically identify factory installs using our in-house database. Identifying an aftermarket install is a bit more complicated. Due to the variety of aftermarket sunroof manufacturers and their various part/assembly options, vehicles with aftermarkets must be individually identified. The following diagrams and glass panel measurements will help allow us to properly identify the correct panel and parts necessary for the repair of the vehicle.

Aftermarket sunroofs are installed after the manufacturing of your vehicle, which requires a technician to cut a hole in your roof. To seal the hole, a trim ring is installed leaving a raised edge . Factory installed sunroofs are designed to be perfectly flush to roof of the vehicle. Any vehicle with a trim ring has an aftermarket installed sunroof.

The photos below illustrates the difference between a factory and aftermarket installation.

To further identify the parts required for your particular repair,
click the photo below that matches your installation: