Part ID (factory/aftermarket/panoramic)

Factory Sunroofs

A factory installed sunroof is installed directly by the vehicle manufacturer at the time the vehicle is built.

determined that your sunroof is a factory installed model, please contact your Sunroof Express representative to proceed with your

Factory sunroofs are characterized by a flush fit to your vehicle’s roof, with no extruded trim ring.  Factory sunroofs are available in many different styles, including single panel spoilers & inbuilts, manual & electric pop-ups, and multi-panel panoramic sunroofs.

Factory installed sunroofs are usually only offered in a single style for each car model. If you have claim/order.

Your Sunroof Express representative will then use the information provided from your Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN number) to obtain the factory match to your broken unit.

Non Factory (Aftermarket) Sunroofs

A non-factory installed sunroof is installed after the vehicle has left the manufacturer’s assembly plant. They are installed by a automotive specialty retailer (restyler) prior to vehicle purchase at car dealerships on new or used vehicles. Or in some less common cases, vehicle owners arrange for a sunroof installation company to install one after they purchase the vehicle.

Non-factory sunroofs are characterized by a trim ring that surrounds the outside edges of the sunroof opening.

Non-factory sunroofs are offered in many styles by several manufactures and selection is only limited by the size of the vehicle’s roof, making positive identification difficult. If you have determined that your sunroof is an aftermarket unit model click the link for identification tools, or contact your Sunroof Express representative to assist with identification. Non-factory sunroof identification guide.

Factory vs. Non-factory (Aftermarket)

Identifying factory over an aftermarket is fairly simple. Our specialist will typically identify factory installs using our in-house database. Identifying an aftermarket install is a bit more complicated. Due to the variety of aftermarket sunroof manufacturers and their various part/assembly options, vehicles with aftermarkets must be individually identified.

Aftermarket sunroofs are installed after the manufacturing of your vehicle, which requires a technician to cut a hole in your roof. To conceal the cut roof metal, a trim ring is installed leaving a raised edge . Factory installed sunroofs are designed to be perfectly flush to roof of the vehicle. Any vehicle with a trim ring has an aftermarket installed sunroof.

The following diagrams and glass panel measurements will help allow us to properly identify the correct panel and parts necessary for the repair of the vehicle.



Panoramic Sunroofs

A panorama sunroof sometimes called panoramic sunroof or moonroof is a larger or multi panel sunroof that offer the benefits of a sunroof to the front and rear passengers of the vehicle. The roof can be one large glass panel or more commonly two glass panels to have separate sunroofs for the and rear passengers.

The identification of these is basic. The problem arises in communicated the glass part requiring replacement. We refer multiple panel ….

Single Panel

Multi-panel (two)

Multi-panel (three)

Fixed panel